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Weekly10 are a UK based HR tech company with an employee engagement and performance management platform for law firms. With more than 200 global clients, the Weekly10 platform is helping improve the workplace culture for firms and businesses all over the UK, and beyond.

A good job too, as AON’s 2018 report ‘The State of Partner and Employee Engagement in the Legal Sector’ 2018, found following the polling of 10,000 legal professionals, just 52% of employees are engaged in their work and with their firm. This is not a great showing.  In fact, employee engagement in the legal sector is lower than across similar professional service industries such as IT (78% engaged), marketing (73% engaged), accountancy (69% engaged) and finance (66% engaged), with the average being 59%.

Why is engagement so important though?

Well, did you know that strong engagement is strongly correlated with an array of critical success KPIs including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased levels of staff retention
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Boosted levels of discretionary effort

Weekly10 provides a data-driven employee engagement platform designed to embed a feedback culture in firms around the globe. Weekly10 provides a light touch process to increase engagement whilst utilising machine learning and data analytics to provide actionable insight to senior management.

And that’s not all…

Weekly10’s performance management functionality helps track progression on key tasks and simplifies the employee review process. By providing managers a detailed overview of work across any given time period at the click of a button – removing recency bias, guesswork and boosting efficiency in an age-old business process that causes it’s fair share of headaches for staff, HR, managers and partners alike – performance reviews become a much simpler, more actionable and insightful event for all involved.

The performance tracking is fully customisable and compatible with SMART goal or OKR processes and our weekly goal review means your staff always have targets that are aligned with the latest objectives of your firm.

How does a demo and trial sound?

We offer a free, no obligation demo to any interested organisation to see the platform first-hand. Upon completion of a guided demo we can also arrange for a free 21-day trial for you and your employees.

Please feel free to get in touch with us any time, be that to arrange a demo, ask a question about employee engagement or learn more about Weekly10: contact@weekly10.com

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