Matrix 247

Telecoms, Connectivity, Mobiles

 How We Help Law Firms

For over 25 years, Matrix247 have delivered telephony systems, low-cost landline solutions, mobile call-routing, mobile devices, connectivity and SRA compliant cyber security solutions to hundreds of law firms and currently have thousands of users deployed utilising on-premise and hosted telephony, mobile devices, data connections and video conferencing solutions. We implement networks for multi-location law firms and enable remote seamless working for fee earners when appropriate.

Benefits delivered to law firms include:

  • Converging desktop phones and mobile devices so fee earners can use any device.
  • Integration of call recording and messages into existing case and practice management systems
  • Integration of Microsoft Calendars and Global Address Books into the telephony system. Firms need this complete awareness of staff status when communicating with clients. This generates responsive customer service and client satisfaction.
  • The ability to recruit best fee earners and staff. This is by offering the latest in agile working solutions coupled with management information reporting/awareness reporting.

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