Track, Prove, Sign, Encrypt – only with Frama RMail

Used by 25 million professionals worldwide across 90 countries, RMail is a Microsoft Outlook add on that allows you to send your emails securely encrypted with no portals or requirements from the recipients side.   It is  also the world’s only registered Email system providing you with forensic, legal proof of what was sent , when it was sent , how the Email was sent and when the Email was opened.   In addition, it is also an E-signature tool giving you the ability to capture an E-signature from your recipients wherever they are in the world on whatever device.  You can also send files of up to 1GB through the solution with  its secure large file transfer tool.

In summary, Frama RMail is a huge time saver with its instant delivery and e-signature functionalities, whilst also being a big cost saving tool. All legal firms spend a vast sum of money on premium mail services and DX. With the RMail registered legal proof receipts, you can now move away from paper based mail, and move to an instant, secure digital platform!

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