Note from HH Judge Haigh, Lead Judge, Greater Manchester Financial Remedies Court

The purpose of this short note is to ask for the cooperation of practitioners in helping HMCTS address a critical work problem in the Greater Manchester financial remedies court Financial remedies work has been accorded the least priority in the latest agreement between HMCTS and the PFD whilst the country is in lockdown during the […]


The Solicitors’ Charity new Covid 19 Support Hub and £1,000,000 Personal Hardship Fund

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has created a challenging time for individuals and businesses alike. To help, The Solicitors’ Charity has created a support hub where you can find and access all the information you might need. The Solicitors’ Charity (SBA) has announced it will also be accepting applications to a £1,000,000 Personal Hardship Fund designed […]


Guidance for the Legal Profession to conduct a telephone hearing using BT MeetMe IN COURT

Introduction BT MeetMe is a secure conference call which has been used in Civil Hearings for some time. In the current situation it may be required for use where Skype cannot be used. It is essential to the effective operation of the system that you have provided listing with your phone number on the day […]



inCase who provide a communication platform for law firms to help your staff liaise with your clients, are amazingly giving FREE UNLIMITED use until 30th June 2020. Such Amin, the CEO who is a Past President of Manchester Law Society and a current Council Member said he was going to send a video out to […]


Covid 19 – Greater Manchester Family Court Approach

  There is an expectation that the Family Court and those who work in it will continue to deliver justice, particularly in those cases where the delivery of justice is necessary for the protection of the vulnerable. That expectation comes with a recognition that we are unlikely to be able to do so in any […]