Manchester Law Society Committees

The Society have a number of action groups and committee’s that deal with the work of the society of behalf of its members.

If you are interested in sitting on one of our committee’s please contact Hollie Hirst,

Manchester Law Society 2017 Committee’s

Civil Litigation Committee
Andrew Stripe
Such Amin
Paul Lever
Ian McConkey (Chair)
Adrian Kwintner
Lorna McGlone
David Joseph
Niall Innes
Jeff Lewis
Greg Almond
Grahame Codd
Greg Cox
Andrew Dow
John Dunn
Andrew Farrell
Simon Jones
Victoria Leigh
Robert Moss
Ian Violet
Mike Woolley
Alastair Wright
Frank Patterson
Adam Hattersley
Danielle Best
Geraldine Stephens
Wanda Karow
Kirsty Taylor
Adam Wightman
Nick McDonnell

Chris Sutton
Michelle Garlick (Chair)
Andrea Cohen
Anne Harrison
Anne Hodder
Lisa Bolton
Caroline Calverley
Chris Bishop
Christopher Murphy
Clair Thornhill
Claire Hollins
Claire Hutchinson
Daniel Prince
Daniel Weed Daniel
David Hyams
Deborah Jackson
Emma Dimbylow Emma
Emma Willis
Geoffrey Lamb
Harvey Cohen
Jack Eden
Joanne Ormston
John Ainley
Jon Roberts
Karen McAllister
Kathleen Meadows
Keith Corkan
Kerry Hargreaves
Kitsa Efthymiadis
Margaret McCormack
Mark Stapleton
Michael Hutton
Michael Parnell
Michaela Drummy
Mike Savin
Naeem Dean
Neil Fisher
Nick Johnson
Nina Ramsden
Patrick Regan
Paul Citron
Paul Walker
Paula Tanner
Peter Hartley
Philippa Hayes
Rachel Dobson
Richard Carleton
Rachel Chadwick
Russell Oseman
Sarah Lowery
Sarah McGillivary
Shefali Talkudar
Shirley Rothel
Simon Leighton
Simon Woolley
Steven Martin
Steph Strahan
Sue Rocca
Susan Kemball
Keith Mellalieu
David Philpott
Richard Mcdowell
Shru Morris
Adam Quinn
Adrian Denson

Crown & Magistrates Court Committee
Ian Rushton
Gwyn Lewis (Chair)
Victoria Thompson
Harry Boodhoo
Ian Brown
Adam Foster
Patrick Harris
Philip Lythgoe
Kerry Morgan
David O’Reilly
Richard Silver
David Philpott
Chris Hankinson
Fiona Deacon
Lyndsey Brown
Nicki Brown
Norman Draper
Hadrian Starr
Val Mullock
Edward Judge

Employment Law Committee
Bryn Doyle

Michael Ball (Chair)
Phil Allen
Victoria Davies
Liz Bosson
Russell Brown
David Birchett
Keith Corkan
Michelle Gray
Gemma Hardiman
Clare Hockney
Lee Jefcott
Neil McHugh
Emma Mills
Peter Monaghan
Martin Price
Steve Tobias
Gary Tobin
Frank Patterson
Catherine Knowles
Leena Kapoor
Naeema Choudry
Clare Armstrong
Claire Hollins
Deborah Coyne
Jennifer Smith
Karen Bexley
Robert Maddocks
Simon Whitehead
Sara Barrett
Charlotte Ashton
Hannah Morrison
Ian Pace
Kirsty MacDonald

Family Law Committee
Charlotte Percy
Mark Heptinstall
Kim Aucott (Chair)
Katie McCann
Krish Mehta
Teresa Vickers
Deborah McCallum
Archna Dawar
Russell Eckersley
Shaun Spencer
Nicole Thornley
Felicity Fleming
Hannah Wood

Legal Education Committee
Angela Bhaseen
Matthew Flanagan (MTSG Chair)
Paul Lever
Louise Straw (Chair)
Lucy Wildig
Paul Johnson
David Joseph
Jacqueline Panter
Sandie Gaines
Tricia Chatterton
John Dunn

Messenger Editorial Committee
Mark Fitzgibbon
Adrian Kwintner
Jeff Lewis
Steve Kuncewicz
Niall Innes
Louise Straw
Adam Entwistle
Helen Kanczes
Jemma Goldstone
Sarah Evans
Julia Baskerville (Chair & Publisher)

Private Client Committee 
Deborah Clark (Chair)
Fiona Ludkin
Laura Johnson
Michael Stockton
Nicola Birchby
Nicola Marchant
Richard Bate 
Steven Appleton
Tania McGrory
Tasnim Khalid
Richard Leslie
Jonathan Smith

Property Committee
Angela Bhaseen (Deputy Chair)
Steve Eccleston
Ian Barker
Martin Bloor
Gaynor Corfe
Tom Cressey
Jonathan Lavery
Stephen Lintott (Chair)
Helen Marsh
Louise Robinson
Karlis Rullis
Kate Townsend
Richard Moore
William Birtwell
Justin Walton
Naomi Willoughby-Foster

Regulatory Affairs Committee
Michelle Garlick (Chair)
Steve Eccleston
Paul Johnson
Andrea Cohen
Martin Coyne
Jason Cropper
Shirley Denyer
Nic Edmondson
Charlotte Ellis
John Gavan
Lesley Graves
Ann Harrison
Lorraine Harrison
Anthony Hughes
Nick Johnson
Bill Jones
Chris Murphy
Mel Norbury
Chris Stott
Anis Waiz
Emma Willis

Social & Inter-professional Committee
Lucy Wildig
Chris Sutton (Chair)
Mark Fitzgibbon
Andrew Stripe
 Matthew Flanagan (MTSG Chair)
Mark Heptinstall
Victoria Thompson
Clare Ellison
Kate Sweeney
Martin Bloor